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In 1995 I started making saddles. I had gotten tired of saddles not fitting me or my mule. I couldnít find a tree that I like, so I designed one from scratch. Basically, a mule is straighter over the top line and doesnít have as much shoulder muscle as a horse. So, you have to adjust the tree accordingly.

Our saddles are made on a wooden rawhide covered tree. Theyíre made with a 7/8 double rigging and an in-skirt front d-ring. This allows your leg to get closer to the animal and you donít have the bulge underneath your leg. It has a 4Ē cantle with a deep seat. We work real hard on the seat to get it just right. It doesnít matter how the saddle looks if it doesnít sit comfortable. They come with a slick seat, but we put a high density foam layer underneath for comfort. The swells have cut away leg relief. This allows you more comfort, plus helps hold you in the saddle. We put a rear d-ring on to attach a crupper. This is not only sewn to the rear jockey, but screwed to the tree. Also, a front d-ring is set up higher for the breast collar. And the stirrups are blocked to allow easy entry with your foot. If thereís one thing I dislike itís stirrups that lay flat on the animalís side.

If youíre looking for a practical common sense trail saddle thatís built with you in mind check out this one.

Pictured is our deluxe model. One with aluminum offset stirrups and one with the standard leather covered bell stirrups.
Mule Saddle - Delux Model Mule Saddle

Standard Deluxe Model $2200, Aluminum Stirrups Add $100
Standard Production Model $2000 (Just like deluxe except no rawhide on the horn or cantle.)


Crupper Crupper with 2 straps Cavason
Crupper: Single strap $45 Crupper: Double straps $50 Beta Caveson $36
Headstall $45
This is a real nice stout made headstall that will last.

Aluminum Stirrups
Aluminum Offset Stirrups $100
I really like these stirrups. They measure 5 inches wide and 5 inches high. There's no drag on your foot which make easier in and out. The offset comes in handy depending on the rider and what type of riding you're doing. The stirrup can be turned to change the offset.
Breast Collar
Small & Medium $75 Large $85
It's real hard to find a
horse breast collar that fits a mule, especially a smaller mule. Ours is
designed specifically for the mule.

Note:  Prices do not include shipping and handling.


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